Swim with sperm whales

This snorkeling trip will be one of the best in-water experiences of your life.

Sperm whale tours in dominica!

We are a USA based travel agency that  exclusively works with the best local company in Dominica for Sperm Whale Snorkels & Swimming.

With either 4 or 6 guests per a group, we provide small, intimate close up encounters with Sperm Whales. We also welcome group bookings for private tours, and films crews.

(Please note that swimming with whales is illegal in the United States as stated in federal law, including Hawaii)

This website is dedicated to educating potential and current clients about the sperm whale experiences in Dominica. We focus on small groups; we work with experienced skippers and guides. Swimming with whales is an art, and your crew can make or break your trip!


Dominica, is a small island is located between Guadeloupe and Martinique, not to be confused with the Dominican Republic. Dominica is it’s own Country, and is apart of the Commonwealth.

With volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, hundreds of rivers, and endemic flora and fauna, it’s no surprise that this 300 square mile island has earned the name “Nature Island”.

Dominica has over 200 residential sperm whales! Our tours operate from November through to the end of June.  We do not operate from June through to the end of October, as it’s hurricane season, and the sea conditions are normally rough.

Where is Dominica?

What To Expect

We board the boat at 7:45am each sea day, and return between 2/3pm, depending on what interactions we are or not having for the day.

Once we are out at sea, we will move 2-3 miles off shore, and use our hydrophone to listen for sperm whale clicks. If we can hear clicking on the hydrophone, we will 95% of the time find the Sperm Whales.

Like most animals, sometimes the whales want to play, and sometimes they do not. They all have their own moods.

Once we have spotted a group or single sperm whale, guests will slip into the water, and move slowly towards the whales.

Time in the water with the whales can be anywhere from 15 seconds, to 15 minutes, or sometimes over 1 hour!

Out of six days we generally have one without a Sperm Whale sighting. Out of our 10 day trips, we can have 2 or 3 days without sperm whales. If killer whales or pilot whales come into the area, we can expect to not see any sperm whales for 3-4 days.

It’s important to know that once the sperm whale dives down to feed, we set our timer to 45 minutes. Almost perfectly at the 45 minute mark, we can expect to see the whales up in a near proximity.

The interactions can take place up to ten miles out to sea, which could be calm or could have some swell. You should be prepared to spend plenty of time on the boat waiting for encounters and looking out, and should also be prepared to do some swimming to approach and follow the whales.

Your Tour Organizer: Nadia Aly

Our tours are managed by Destination Tonga, a tourism management company, located in Tonga, and owned by Nadia Aly. Nadia is an award winning underwater photographer who leads numerous expeditions around the world throughout the year.